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From Flip Phone to iPhone: 2023 UK Trainer of the Year Ged Musto and His Game-Changing Shift from TRX to the T2 FUSION TRAINER™

Ged Musto
Ged Musto 800 sq

"TRX is great, but with the T2, it's like going from a flip phone to an iPhone. Once you use it, there's just no going back! By far the most versatile and effective equipment I have used in my 38 years within the Health, Fitness, and Military industries.

The Isokinetics within this system is truly phenomenal, it purely works muscle directly against another muscle, thus ensuring a 100% guaranteed maximum strength resistance. I thought that TRX was the bee's knees when it came to suspension training, but the T2 totally blows it out of the ground with its scientific approach and pushes the body in a far more challenging way. Very Highly Recommended!!"


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Alessandro Agnoletto T2 Studio Italy

In Italy, MFXI boutique fitness studio converted all 15 of its "suspension training" stations to the T2 FUSION TRAINER™

Pilates reformer and T2

Bodynox Academy, South Korea is incorporating the T2 FUSION TRAINER™ into its Pilates studio franchises as both a portable reformer and a multi-function workout tool. They have also become the sole distributor for T2 in South Korea.

For the 3rd year in a row, fitness equipment reviewer and YouTuber Johnathan Pritchett named the T2 as his Number 1 favorite piece of fitness equipment. Check out his amazing comments.

A U.S. boutique fitness startup, launching its first location this Spring, notified us that they decided to make the T2 FUSION TRAINER™ part of their facility equipment offerings telling us, “Our training team found its far and away a more versatile and effective training tool than suspension trainers or any other single piece of equipment we’ve ever looked at. The T2 is a game-changer and the group fitness potential is astounding.”

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