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From Flip Phone to iPhone: 2023 UK Trainer of the Year Ged Musto and His Game-Changing Shift from TRX to the T2 FUSION TRAINER™

Updated: Feb 27

In the dynamic world of fitness, where innovation and expertise lead the charge, Ged Musto stands out as a beacon of excellence. Crowned the UK's Fitness Trainer of the Year for 2023, Musto's career spans decades, marked by achievements in sports therapy, fitness authorship, and as a multi-endurance athlete with records that still stand unbeaten. His journey from the 1980s has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of fitness mastery, making him a sought-after personal trainer among celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike.

What truly sets Musto apart is his holistic approach to fitness. His methodology, grounded in intensive training and a comprehensive understanding of various fitness disciplines, has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients. Musto's philosophy underscores the importance of a traditional, yet innovative approach to fitness, ensuring his clients not only achieve but surpass their fitness goals.

Enter the T2 FUSION TRAINER™, a piece of equipment that Musto passionately endorses. Drawing from his vast experience, he compares the T2 to a technological leap.



"TRX is great, but with the T2, it's like going from a flip phone to an iPhone. Once you use it, there's just no going back! By far the most versatile and effective equipment I have used in my 38 years within the Health, Fitness, and Military industries.”

"When I first opened the package and saw the die-cast Resistance Housing, I knew straight away that I had purchased an extremely professional piece of kit. The Isokinetics within this system is truly phenomenal, it purely works muscle directly against another muscle, thus ensuring a 100% guaranteed maximum strength resistance. I thought that TRX was the bee's knees when it came to suspension training, but the T2 totally blows it out of the ground with its scientific approach and pushes the body in a far more challenging way. Very Highly Recommended!!"


Musto's endorsement of the T2 is not just a personal preference but a professional recommendation. Having utilized a vast array of equipment throughout his distinguished career, Musto's praise for the T2 is grounded in its unique ability to challenge the body in new and more effective ways. His recommendation is a beacon for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, signaling the T2 as a must-have for those seeking to elevate their fitness journey.


As we celebrate Ged Musto's achievements and his recognition as the UK's 2023 Fitness Trainer of the Year, his endorsement of the T2 stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation in the fitness industry. Musto's journey is a reminder that at the intersection of passion, dedication, and technology lies the potential to redefine the standards of fitness training. The T2 FUSION TRAINER™, with Musto's seal of approval, is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting new era in fitness.

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